Combo - Key Special

Combo or remote keys send electronic radio signals to your vehicle that can unlock the doors, set the alarm system, or start the engine depending on the make or model.  Remote keys usually have some kind of fob attached to they key or are built into the car key.

At US Car Key we provide solutions to problems related to remote and fob keys:

  • Replacement - We can replace your lost, broken, or stole remote or fob key by bringing you a new one fitted to your car's make, model, and year.
  • Reprogramming - We can reprogram your malfunctioning remote or fob key. We also offer programming for new remote or fob keys that have not been assigned to a vehicle yet.
  • Repair - After troubleshooting the remote or fob key, we can then begin the process of solving whatever technical problem is wrong with it.

US Car Key Replacement is your number one solution whenever you are having issues with your remote keys or key fobs.